Private Bilge Hospital

Our hospital is a big family of 23 years with 2 operating theatres, 2 delivery rooms, 28 patient rooms, 20 outpatient clinics, 10-bed Newborn Intensive Care Unit, Endoscopy unit, Tomography, 24-hour Emergency and Ambulance service, Intensive Care, Security, Pharmacist, more than 200 staff…

Our hospital; Gynaecology & Obstetrics, Internal Medicine, Paediatrics, General Surgery, Emergency, Ambulance, Newborn Intensive Care, Anaesthesia branches continue its services in the health sector with its expert staff and modern medical devices in many internal and surgical branches, including 24 hours.

In 2009, it completed all the necessary work for the Total Quality Management Certificate, successfully passed the audit and the service quality of Private Bilge Hospital was registered with ISO 9001: 2008 QUALITY CERTIFICATE.

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate studies were started with the aim of continuously improving the performance of the hospital, ensuring patient safety and improving service quality rather than obtaining a quality certificate. Knowing that ISO 9001 Certificate is a standard that defines an effective quality management system, Bilge Hospital has achieved successful results in service efficiency, patient satisfaction and patient loyalty during the preparation stages.

28 patient rooms, 20 outpatient clinic rooms, 3 operating theatres with special features, 2 delivery rooms, 10-bed newborn intensive care unit, private ambulance, Free Valet car park are available.

All our rooms have infrastructure features such as a call system that enables communication with the floor nurse, central medical gas, oxygen, vacuum system, fire alarm system.

Patient rooms are equipped with hot water, bathroom, air conditioning, mini fridge, dressing cabinet, LCD television, Free High Speed Wireless Internet, telephone, large armchairs for companions, adjustable dining table and room service.

Patient beds in our rooms are electro hydraulic controlled. The head, waist and foot parts of the beds can be adjusted by the patient via the control. The edges of the beds have handrails for our child patients.

We have disposable slippers for our patients in our hospital. In addition; soap, shampoo, lotion, nail clippers, shoehorn, comb, etc. needs have been taken into consideration in our patient rooms.

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