What is a Face Lift?

Facelift is a surgical procedure performed to reduce wrinkles, sagging and loosening on the face during the aging process. Facelift is performed using different techniques such as stretching and tightening the facial muscles, removing excess fat tissue and making the skin tighter.

How is Face Lift Performed?

The facelift procedure is usually performed under general anesthesia and the operation time varies between 2-4 hours. During the operation, the surgeon makes a series of incisions to lift the facial muscles and skin. The skin is then stretched and the excess skin is cut off. In addition, adipose tissue is also removed or redistributed. Finally, the surgeon completes the procedure by suturing the skin back in place.

What Should Be Considered After the Face Lift Procedure?

It is done using different techniques such as tightening, removing excess adipose tissue and making the skin tighter. There are a few important points to be considered after the facelift procedure, and it is important for patients to follow the instructions given by the doctor to speed up the healing process. While facelift is suitable for those with sagging, loose and wrinkled skin, it is a safe procedure when done properly. However, facelift is not suitable for everyone and has some risks. For this reason, if a facelift is to be performed, it is important to consult a specialist doctor and perform a detailed examination before the procedure.


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